About the founders

About The Founders

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Piya and Nora

Maha Mala is a product of love by Nora Wendel and Piya Jain. Originally Nora started making Malas, yoga mala beads, for herself after admiring the mala of a close friend, further appreciation and requests started to appear from her friends for her Malas and thus she decided to form Maha Mala.

Nora is the design queen of Maha Mala, she handles the creative side of the business. She designs the malas and then very meticulously launches them into the world with a very color coordinated photo shoot which she works on herself.

Piya is Nora’s long lost Indian sister – the beautiful stones used in all the malas fascinated Piya and as Maha Mala started to grow – she became the other half. Piya is the production master, with her skills in handling the sourcing, manufacturing and general chaos that is found in India.

Nora is a truly a child of the Earth, a global citizen. Of Liechtensteinian, Swiss and German descent, she was born in Thailand and brought up in Nepal, India, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. She studied Fine Art in London before continuing her education in Audio engineering in Byron Bay, Australia.

Yoga is inherent in her family and her father is a practicing yogi and teaches yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation. Growing up in Asia with the values of Bhakti (worship of the divine) Nora has manage to manifest her devotion into Maha Mala.

She has always been fascinated by the power of stones to be able to resonate with certain qualities of human emotions and characteristics, this fascination lead her onto crystal healing workshops to experience how crystals could be used to benefit the wearer.

Piya was born and brought up in India. Her family has been jewelers for over a century. She studied fashion merchandising and production management in Delhi before moving to Paris for a Masters in economy and management in luxury goods.

Jewelry has always been an integral part of her life. She has a profound love for stones and believes in their inherent beneficial qualities. She was always fascinated by the vibrations of the stones and how they can affect human beings. Her passion for producing quality products has resulted in a blessing for Maha Mala.