Two variations available; real Arizona Turquoise or reconstituted Turquoise.

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Krishna and Radha

Krishna is the embodiment of pure divine love and joy. He is blue in colour and is often seen playing the flute amongst the Gopi’s or milkmaids. Radha is his consort and the love between the two symbolize the play of the universe; like the love between God and Man and Self and Ego. Krishna is the lord of Bhakti (pure spiritual devotion).

108 bead mala comprised of the following stones and their properties:

Turquoise:  Protection and Communication; works with the Throat (5th) chakra.

Lapis Lazuli: Truth and Self-Reflection; works with the Third eye (6th) chakra.

Azurite Chrysocolla: Creativity and Transformation; works with the Third eye (6th) chakra

Garnet: Personal Power, Creativity and Passion; works with the Root (1st) chakra.

Rudraksha: Traditional seed used in malas, known to calm tension and give clarity to voice.

Turquoise guru bead, bronze separator beads, strung on high grade thread with ahimsa silk tassel



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Weight 55 g