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Maha Mala is a unique spiritual jewellery brand based out of New Delhi, India.. In hindi, Maha Mala means ‘Great Necklace’. Our company specializes in making 108 bead japa Malas (prayer necklaces) in semi precious stones, traditional seeds and silver. Each mala is made with particular gem stones stones keeping in mind their properties and how they enhance each other. All malas are made after extensive research and are thought of, keeping in mind the vibrational energy and properties of the gemstones used. Gemstones, and metals have their own crystalline structure which emanate particular energies. These crystals are also transducers and they resonate electromagnetic energies at their own frequencies. Human beings are also sensitive enough to feel many different energies once we come into contact with these crystals. Many crystals have the ability to amplify certain energies and human are able to absorb them and have a certain kind of experience. This whole process can be widely used in healing or igniting certain emotions of the body.

Maha Mala is an ethical company that supports traditional Indian craftsmanship and has revived an old and traditional product of japa malas that have been used for chanting and meditation in India for centuries. The ranges vary from simple singular stone malas to a complex design of stones that aid in healing and balancing our emotions along with omitting positive vibrations for the body mind and soul.

Maha Mala is the only mala company that used Ahimsa silk tassels to finish their malas. Along with this process, we also promote many sustainable practices through the creation of our products. Our silk tassels are dyed in natural and chemical free colours for a healthier lifestyle choice. Each mala is packed in a pouch made from organic cotton fabric sourced from Magan Sangrahlaya Samiti, a weavers’ association that works on the sattvic principles set by Mahatma Gandhi. This fabric is then stitched into beautiful hand stitched pouches by the women of Sewing New Futures which is an NGO that rescues women from sex trafficking trade and helps them develop vocational skills.

Maha Mala is owned and run by Piya Jain who hails from a family that has been in the business of heritage jewellery for many generations. She grew up around precious gems and metals and has a keen interest and love for gemstones from a very young age. Piya has found a beautiful outlet to practice her creative skills and merge them with the science of gem therapy and has a masters’ degree in Economy and Management in Luxuy goods from Paris, France.

Piya’s inherited knowledge of Gemstones and her Masters degree in luxury goods has lead her to create one of a kind japa malas which besides being luxurious, also aid in one’s spiritual growth.

Maha Mala

Maha Mala is a small company based in New Delhi, India which specialises in making health and wellness jewelry in the form of 108 bead necklaces, these necklaces can be used for japa (chanting with a mantra) or as jewelry. The term Maha Mala actually stems from two sanskrit words; Maha meaning ‘the great’ and Mala meaning ‘garland’, together our name stand for ‘the great garland’ (or necklace).

Maha Mala started out as an idea to create sacred healing objects for use in personal rituals. This manifested into the stringing and restringing of Malas back in 2009.

Sadhu wearing malas

Traditionally in India, a Mala (garland/necklace) is used as a tool in meditation and mantra practice (reciting of traditional prayers). Historically traditional beads such as Rudraksha, Tulsi or Sandalwood are in Malas, each having their own specific metaphysical and mythological properties. Maha Mala adds a new twist to this historical tradition; we have included the use of semi-precious stones with the belief that these stones have specific resonant qualities that can affect the wearer whether you use the Mala as jewelry or for japa.

Each Mala contains 108 beads. 108 being a sacred number in Hinduism, relating to the numerlogical and astrological ancient wisdom (read more here on the number 108). Each mala also has a tassel, a head bead (called the guru or sumeru bead) and sometimes a pendant. This allows for you to either wear the mala with the tassel forwards or with the pendant forward depending on how you feel.

The Malas are designed by Nora Wendel and Piya Jain, the stones and silver are hand sourced from Jaipur, Northern India for their quality and lustre. Each mala is hand strung using extra grade wire for durability and suppleness.

Ahimsa Silk yarns

The backbone of Maha Mala is the yogic principle of ‘Ahimsa’ or non- violence towards others, hence each of our tassels found in our Malas are made from Ahimsa silk, silk which is farmed by not killing the silkworm. Maha Mala collaborates with Avani Kumaon, for the procurement of our Ahimsa silk. Avani is a voluntary organisation based in Uttarkhand which supports local communities to make sustainable contributions to society. Maha Mala also soucres Ahimsa silk for their beautiful soft tassels from Designer Weaves in Hyderabad.

Maha Mala supports local charities and foundations in and around Delhi, at the moment our fabric pouches are made from Khadi (organic cotton) which is earth dyed. We purchase this fabric from a weavers welfare association in Maharashtra and have it sewn by Sewing New Futures. Sewing New Futures is a foundation which provides vocational skills to underprivileged young women in the suburbs of Delhi.