February Birthstone: The Amethyst Crystal

February Birthstone: The Amethyst Crystal

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If you were born in February, then Amethyst is your birthstone!

The month of February is shared by two zodiac signs, Aquarius and Pisces.


Aquarius is a sign known for its creative, progressive, reasonable and independent personality whereas Pisces is a sign known for its romantic, empathetic, optimistic and genuine personality.


This graceful purple gemstone was well known to be a part of many royal families and was so claimed as a symbol of royalty and privilege in the mid-Victorian Era. An Amethyst ring in the shape of a cupid was also said to be worn by St. Valentine which was meant to symbolise eternal love and fidelity. Belonging to the quartz family, Amethyst attracts the attention of all with its alluring appearance.


Amethyst is believed to be one of the most serene gemstones to exist and deals with endless qualities such as purification, wisdom, clarity, spiritual healing and balance. It is associated with the crown chakra and brings the soul to tranquillity by unlocking the mind.

Wearing this stone transports the wearer to another world filled with pure bliss and makes the wearer feel nothing less than ecstasy.

Meditating with this stone is a great way to open your third eye and feel at peace.

This beautiful stone is also gifted to celebrate a couples 6th wedding anniversary as it symbolises serenity and everlasting love.


Amethyst is also believed to have several physical healing qualities such as:


•Improving your skin.

•Enhancing the immune system.

•Reducing headaches and insomnia.

•Regulating hormones.

•Improving the digestive system.


February - Amethyst


This gorgeous Amethyst birthstone pendant is exclusively designed for all February babies. Wearing this jewel as a pendant is an excellent way to make use of its benefits and attract all the positive energy surrounding the wearer. This pendant can also be used as an amulet to prevent all the evil and create a protective barrier surrounding the wearer. Amethyst is a great choice for those who struggle with anxiety, self-consciousness and fear of failure as it provides its owner with a boost of confidence and self-assurance.


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