Ganesh Mala

Ganesh Mala

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Ganesh Chaturthi, also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi, is a Hindu festival celebrating Lord
Ganesha's rebirth. A ten-day festival where idols of Ganesha are brought home and
worshipped, devotees, offer prayers, and hymns, and wear traditional clothes and jewellery
such as handmade malas. Temples often distribute sweets such as modak to people as it was
known to be Lord Ganesha’s favourite. At the end of the ten days, the idols are submerged in
water bodies with people dancing in huge processions around them accompanied by devotional
music. The submergence symbolises him going home to Mount Kailas, the place of Lord Shiva
and Goddess Parvati.

Known as the God of prosperity and good luck, Ganesha was once completely human, created
and given life by Goddess Parvati from the clay of the earth. She had commanded him to stand
guard at the gate as she bathed and not to let anyone in. When Lord Shiva, her husband tried
entering, Ganesha blocked his path and a battle ensued. Being denied entry into his own
homemade Shiva furious and he beheaded Ganesha. However, he instantly felt guilty after
seeing Parvati heartbroken at what he’d done and sent his men to bring back the head of the
first animal they passed. His men found an elephant and thus, the story of Ganesha began. A
story of rebirth and regeneration, Ganesha is said to remove obstacles in your life and guide
you on your path of good. He inspires love and devotion in the hearts of millions across the
People often dress the idols in colours such as red and yellow, they symbolise compassion,
purity and peace. These colours were also said to be Ganesha’s favourite.

The Ganesha Mala can be used to invoke his blessings, it is made of Clear Quartz, Amethyst,
Labradorite, Rose Quartz and White Moonstone. The combination of stones in these gemstone
malas brings strength and healing while relieving anxiety, and enhancing balance and harmony
in the body.

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