Lunar Phase Cycle: Full Moon Meditations

Lunar Phase Cycle: Full Moon Meditations

The eternal dance of the moon in the night sky has captured the imagination of man for as long as time itself, waning and waxing against a canvas of stars. From the holy sages of ancient texts to the astronomers of the scientific world, philosophers and scholars alike have ruminated and expounded upon the blessings and curses of the celestial goddess.


Part science, part spiritual awakening, the Indian sub-continent worships and fears the moon in equal measure. The lunar cycle has an observable effect on our planet’s tidal systems, able to exert its influence upon the element of water.


As our bodies are composed of water, Indian tradition believes that the full moon directly influences our mind and spirit. A time of heightened intuition, the full moon is a time for reflection, and for letting go of behaviours that hinder growth.


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Channelling the Energies of the Full Moon


Although manifestation is associated with the new moon phase of the lunar cycle, the full moon brings with it an important shift in energies, which should not be ignored. The light of the full moon is an instrument of illumination, allowing you to view things that might have once been obscured.


One of the biggest themes of the full moon is letting go of what is no longer of use, and of the energies that serve as roadblocks on your path to success. Just as the full moon soon begins to wane, the light begins to dissipate, allowing for a release of energies. This is a time for reflection and honesty, both with yourself as well as those in your surroundings.


The full moon is also characterized by its protective qualities. This means that the energies you deem unworthy of your spirit cannot harm you as they are banished. Meditation with intent, accompanied by the intrinsic spiritual power of healing crystals, can aid in effectively channelling these potent energies.


Here’s a list of a few crystals and their intrinsic properties that aid in full moon meditations.


  • Amethyst: Communication, energy, and protection
  • Labradorite: Insight, intuition, and dream-work
  • Rainbow Moonstone: Flow and dream-work.
  • White Moonstone: Wholeness, completion and manifesting.


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