March Birthstone – Aquamarine Crystal

March Birthstone – Aquamarine Crystal

A season of warmth and summer, March is the month of the Pisces. The symbol of the Zodiac sign, i.e. twin fish swimming in opposite directions, is said to signify the water element and the mystery and majesty of the deep blue sea.


Pisces natives are thought to have a calm and serene personality, which is reflected in their birthstone - The sparkling, sea-blue Aquamarine.


Aquamarine – History and Myth

The lustrous Aquamarine is also known as the Sailor’s stone, as it was said to be used to protect the wearer from storms and seasickness and is thought to bring luck and courage to seafaring folk.


Folklore and legends surrounding Aquamarine have been around since time immemorial, and have been recorded in cultures from across the world. The most famous legend is that it was first discovered at the bottom of the sea, secured away a mermaid's treasure chest. 

In Greek and Roman myth, the Aquamarine is considered to be the jewel of Neptune.


Spiritual and Physical Benefits of Aquamarine

According to record, mystics, healers and prophets gravitated towards Aquamarine, which was thought to be a powerful catalyst for clairvoyance, acting as a magnet for happiness and divine protection. Wearing an Aquamarine stone is believed to turn enemies into friends, and Kings and Nobles of decades past sought out the stone for its purported ability to attract wealth, and increase the treasures of the crown.


The stone is thought to bring tremendous good luck, protection and fearlessness. A stone that relives your phobias and fears, clears spiritual blockages, reduces stress and quietens restless minds.

Here are a few physical benefits of the aquamarine stone:

  • It helps the function of your thyroid gland
  • It regulates your hormones and facilitates growth
  • It strengthens your organs like eyes, jaws, teeth and stomach


On a spiritual level, Aquamarine corresponds to the Throat Chakra, and it is said that meditating with healing crystal jewellery made with Aquamarine helps the wearer communicate with clarity. It is also said to abate fears of public speaking, help overcome anxieties, and imparts courage, joy and harmony in the life of the wearer.


March - Aquamarine

The sea-blue Aquamarine birthstone pendant is designed for all March babies. It evokes clarity, courage, fearlessness and protection for those who are suffering from fears and phobias relating to communication and public speaking.


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