New Releases: Vedanta Malas

New Releases: Vedanta Malas

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Malas are a way to restore the calm and peace in your body and soul while reciting a prayer or mantra. Malas have been deeply rooted in Asian spiritual traditions for years as it helps you concentrate and focus on your mantras. When you roll the mala beads, focus on a prayer or mantra and notice that your attention and energy will be directed towards it. 


There are different kinds of malas available suited to your needs and wants. Today, we’ll discuss our new release, The Vedanta Malas. These malas are crafted using traditional woods and seeds, however, they are very modern and can be paired with any outfit. 


The Lucky Mala

Made of Malachite, Red Jasper and Smokey Quartz beads and completed with an Ahimsa silk tassel. The beads offer you great strength and confidence while keeping you protected and grounded. Using the Lucky mala, you will find yourself budding with inspiration and have a keen interest in taking risks.


The Clearing Mala

Made of Ebony wood and Amethyst beads, completed with an Ahimsa silk tassel. As the name suggests, the Clearing mala helps clear your mind while comforting and calming your body. It enhances your energy level while protecting you from negative auras. If you are suffering from fatigue or headaches, this mala is perfect!


The Source Mala

Made of Ebony wood, Carnelian beads and Labradorite. Carnelian is known to inspire creativity and confidence while boosting energy levels and Labradorite allows you to come up with ideas and find joy in the small things. Paired together with Ebony wood, this mala will keep you protected while your inspirations and ideas take you to new places in life.  


The True Love Mala 

Made of Lapiz Lazuli, Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz. Lapis lazuli aids in healing, gearing you towards connection and open communication while Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite are known to evoke love and admiration. Together, these stones bring out your inner child and lift your essence to feelings of love and joy. The True Love Mala is an endearing gift for your partner!


The Medicine Mala

Made of Sheesham Rosewood, White moonstone and Amethyst beads. Sheesham rosewood inspires feelings of compassion while being associated with good fortune. Amethyst known as the ‘all purpose’ stone provides protection and White Moonstone jewellery is soothing to the soul. The combination of stones in this mala allows for healing and aids in curing various illnesses. 


The Positive Mala

Made of an amalgamation of Ebony wood, Malachite and Rose Quartz beads. Rose quartz brings about feelings of love and Malachite absorbs negative energies and promotes healing and regeneration. Combined with Ebony wood, the Positive mala is excellent for nourishing, protecting, healing and invoking feelings of love and happiness. 


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