Known to be an aphrodisiac that cleanses and heals your past trauma, Pink Tourmaline is a
special gemstone that intertwines with your heart chakra. Acclaimed to be the heart’s gemstone,
this stone appears in a variety of colours and sometimes, even shifts from one shade to
another, bringing in an aura of mystery and elegance.

Pink Tourmaline is the birthstone of October and once upon a time, was mistaken for rubies,
however, it is pinker in appearance when compared to its blood-red counterpart. Offering many
benefits to the wearer, women are particularly drawn to Tourmaline gemstone jewellery as it
carries feminine energies to heal and nurture emotional tendencies.

Significance of Pink Tourmaline across Cultures.

The term ‘tourmaline’ originates from the Sinhalese word turmali, meaning “a mixed colour
precious stone”. According to ancient Egyptian legends, tourmaline appeared in all colours as it
travelled along the rainbow’s path, harnessing the different shades and hues to finally settle on
the most dominant quantity.

While another legend speaks of Tourmaline being connected to old knowledge, magicians in the
Andes used it to make magical staffs. In India, they used this gemstone in ceremonies to seek
out the good in things while providing insights into what could be causing troubles.

The Dutch strongly believed that wrapping this stone in silk and placing it on a child with a fever
could help calm their pain and put them to sleep. Nowadays, it's commonly used by artists and
those in the creative industry to increase intuitions and open the mind to feelings of inspiration.

Libra - Pink Tourmaline

The most peaceful, well-balanced and compromising of the zodiac signs, Libras are known to
be a charming lot that inspires positive qualities in the lives of people around them. They are
also said to be great leaders associated with exceptional communication skills. Enhancing
feelings of love and self-awareness while counteracting grief, fear and emotions of instability,
tourmaline would prove to be an extraordinary resource for our dear Libras.

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