Off the Cuff with Octavia – On Wellness and Spirituality

Off the Cuff with Octavia – On Wellness and Spirituality

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Guest writer Octavia Nasr is a Lebanese-American journalist who covers Middle Eastern affairs. A celebrated member of the press, she served as CNN’s Senior Editor of Mideast affairs for over 20 years. A long-time yoga practitioner and certified teacher, Octavia has long supported Maha Mala in our mission to bring you closer to your inner self through means of healing crystal jewellery and mala beads. Octavia, this month’s guest writer for the Bhakti Blog, gets talking about her relationship with spirituality, healing, and devotional jewellery:


I believe spirituality is the basis for wellness, and wellness is a crucial component of spirituality. If we are dis-eased, it will be tough for us to sit in meditation or practice mindfulness without distractions. Spirituality promotes wellness, peace of mind, and longevity. This belief is at the core of my yoga practice and my teachings.


Breathwork is the first and foremost practice I reach for during difficult times. A deep sigh is the first thing I release. Meditation if space and time allow for it. I also retreat physically and emotionally. I like to go inward or be in nature, away from people and noise when things are tough.


I believe in the power of crystals and gemstones as they relate to our energetic centres (Chakras). I am drawn to the colours, shapes, and feel of the stones more than their kind. I feel a particular affinity for green, indigo, and blue stones. Earth tones also appeal to me at certain times.


I love Lapis Lazuli; it is a comfort stone for me. I feel that it gives me the energy to endure and be patient as my life unfolds. I constantly wear a Lapis ring on my left middle finger that I bought in Egypt fifteen years ago. It has great energy!


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