The Fire Sign Gemstones: Diamond and Topaz

The Fire Sign Gemstones: Diamond and Topaz

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Aries the first Zodiac sign in Zodiac Astrology. Aries is an adventurous, courageous and ambitious zodiac sign symbolising the ram. Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries natives are living embodiments of the fire element. Aries natives embrace life boldly and with confidence, and are direct in their endeavours.


The birthstones for April and the Aries zodiac are the Diamond and Topaz.



The diamond is a symbol of purity. A symbol of love, popular culture deems the diamond as a sign of commitment and matrimony between two people. The diamond is a universal signifier of wealth recognised world-over and across history.


In spiritual terms, the diamond is an amplifier of energy and has chakra healing properties, cleansing your aura by enhancing your inner light and allowing your inherent value to shine.


The diamond is said to have numerous benefits to the wearer. These include:

  • Aids in recovery for those suffering from glaucoma
  • Enhances vision
  • Boosts mental capacity
  • Treats allergies
  • Balances metabolism


The diamond is said to activate the Crown Chakra and connect one to their higher consciousness.



The Topaz is an emphatic stone that promotes truth and forgiveness and highlights your goals.


Spiritually, the Topaz cleanses your aura, releases pent-up tension and speeds up spiritual development. The topaz is said to increase your confidence, and promote openness and honesty.


The topaz is said to have numerous benefits to the wearer. These include:


  • Corrects issues with vision
  • Aids metabolic function
  • Restores and enhances sense of taste
  • Fortifies the nervous system


The Topaz is thought to activate the Throat and Eye Chakras, balance emotions and promote synchronicity between thoughts and ideas


April – Diamond and Topaz

The strong and lustrous appeal of the Diamond and Topaz are symbolic of the fiery vigour and vibrant nature of April’s own Aries babies.


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