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A mix of Garnet, Carnelian, Labradorite and Rudraksha.

Garnet: Personal Power, Creativity and Passion; works with the Root (1st) chakra.
Carnelian: Courage, Vitality and Motivation; works with the Root (1st) and Solar Plexus (3rd) chakras.
Labradorite: Intuition and Perseverance; works with the Third eye (6th) chakra.
Rudraksha: Traditional seed used in malas, known to calm tension and give clarity to voice.

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Durga, the fierce warrior goddess is an incarnation of the divine Mother Goddess. Depicted with multiple arms holding differing weapons and riding a lion which symbolizes Will and Determination- aspects which she has complete control over.

She is also often seen slaying the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura. Thus, Hindus believe that goddess Durga protects her devotees from the evils of the world and at the same time removes their miseries. 

The mala was hand strung by us in New Delhi, India and finished with our signature Ahimsa (cruelty free) silk tassel.

All our malas come packed in organic cotton fabric pouches stitched by and NGO, SEWING NEW FUTURES which helps provide vocational training for underprivileged women in India.