Indra Bracelet

Indra Bracelet

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A mix of gemstones resonating with the sun within, activating the Solar Plexus.

Calcite: Creativity and Confidence. 2nd and 3rd Ch
Carnelian: Courage, Vitality and Motivation. 2nd Ch
Citrine: Manifestation and Will Power. 3rd Ch
Red Jasper: Strength, Joy and Patience. 1st Ch
Tiger eye: Wealth, Luck and Will power. 3rd Ch
Sunstone: Uplifting, Revitalising and Positive. 3rd Ch
Smoky Quartz: Eases anxiety and Grounds 1st Ch
Rudraksha: Traditional seed used in malas, known to calm tension and give clarity to voice.

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Indra reigns over the heavens and is king of the Gods, he is a great warrior symbolizing courage and strength. In his hand, he holds a vajra, a powerful magical weapon also known in Buddhism as the Dorje.

Cut and polished stones strung on an elastic cord with an ahimsa silk tassel.

Stone size: ranging from 3.5mm to 6.5mm

All Malas come in our Natural Cotton fabric pouches stitched and NGO, SEWING NEW FUTURES which provide training skills to underprivileged women.