The Positive Mala
The Positive Mala

The Positive Mala

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108 beads mala, a comnbination of wood and gemstones. Hand knotted on thread.

Ebony Wood: Purity, balance and Luck
Malachite: protection and Confidence
Rose Quartz: Love and Forgiveness

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This mala is a combination of Ebony wood Mala, Malachite and Rose Quatrz beads. The ebony wood is a great tool to absorb negative energy and the malachite helps in further enhancing the positive vibrations around the person wearing the mala. You may do your mantra chanting with it or even leave it on your alter. The strong effects of the malachite can be felt even from a distance.

108 gemstone beads hand knotted on thread. The mala is finished with cotton tassel.

Stone size: 6 mm Round beads.

All our malas come packed in organic cotton fabric pouches stitched by and NGO, SEWING NEW FUTURES which helps provide vocational training for underprivileged women in India.