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Japa Amethyst Hand Mala

Price: $ 15.00

Hand malas are a shortened form of the traditional japa or chanting mala that has 108 beads. Hand mala only have 27 beads with a crystal spacer bead every 7th bead to aid in counting.

Our hand malas are to be used as a chanting mala completing four whole rounds of the mala to chant 108 times. These malas are not meant to be worn as bracelets but to be used in the traditional sense as an aid in meditation through mantra chanting.


Amethyst: Stability, Strength and Healing. 7th Ch


This mala is hand-knotted in the traditional Indian way to allow the rudraksha seeds to slip through your fingers easily. It is finished with a tassel made from hand-spun organic ahimsa silk.

Rudraksha and stone size: 8.5mm


All Malas come in our Natural Cotton fabric pouches stitched and NGO, SEWING NEW FUTURES which provide training skills to underprivileged women.

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