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Wholesale Malas

Maha Mala sells all our Mala styles wholesale as well. If you have a yoga studio, small boutique or shop where you think our products would fit, then we would be happy to provide you with our wholesale rate.

Maha Mala Wholesale requirements:

  • Our minimum order quantity for our wholesale prices are 50 pieces with 5 pieces per style. Applicable for all ranges except ‘Inner Light’ where the minimum is 3 pcs per style.
  • For those who cannot reach our 50 piece order quantity we are able to give a percentage discount off our retail prices (for example 20-25 products would get a discount of 20-30%- please write to us for more information)
  • Each Maha Mala product comes with a branded Maha Mala organic cotton pouch and tag stating the stones used in the product.
  • All silver can also be 22k gold plated for a slight increase in price.
  • 50% deposit is required upon confirmation of the order. The remaining 50% should be deposited once the order has been shipped.
  • We ship worldwide using courier services. Courier charges are to be paid by the client.
  • If the order quantity is available in stock then we require one-week lead time to dispatch it.
  • If the order quantity has to go into production then we require 30 to 40 days lead time to dispatch the products.
  • The client must take into account 5 days to a week extra for shipping.
  • If more than 300 pieces have been ordered then the lead times are negotiable depending upon availability of stones.


Private Labelling:

Maha Mala also offers a service of Private labelling. This basically means that the clients brand name will be put on the tag instead of a Maha Mala’s.

Below are the requirements for private labelling:

  • Minimum order quantity is 200 pieces for private labelling.
  • All graphics for the tags should be provided to us for printing. If you would like Maha Mala to design the tags, an extra fee will incur.
  • Once the design for the tags have been verified and have gone to print, no other changes can be made. If an error has occurred on the client’s behalf then an extra fee will incur to make changes and reprint the tags.
  • ‘Made by Maha Mala in India’ will appear on the private label clearly on the back of the tag.
  • Information on tags can be translated into language of your choice. Please enquire for more information.

For further details and to place an order please contact us