Deliciously Simple: Beauty in Simplicity

Deliciously Simple: Beauty in Simplicity

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The Deliciously Simple collection boasts a stunning array of beaded malas, designed to attract abundance, luck and perseverance. Handmade with love and multi-faceted prayer beads, the collection features a number of pieces that are beautiful for their delicate nature and refined simplicity.


Some of our favourite picks from the collection include:


Royally Honest


Visually attractive and exceptionally powerful, the “Royally Honest” mala encourages one to speak their mind with no hesitation. Made with a combination of Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite and Rudraksha beads, the mala has a combined positive influence over the wearers subconscious and conscious minds. This gemstone necklace will help you discover the true royalty hidden within you and take you on a journey to find your inherent intuitive powers. Along with its remarkable powers, the Rudraksha beads in the mala are beneficial for blood circulation, blood pressure and calming tension.


Take a trip to self-discovery with our “Royally Honest” mala here!


Purely Feminine Bracelet


Not too much and not too less, this bracelet is the definition of balance and sophistication. Made with a combination of white pearls and labradorite, the piece is perfect for those who wish to experience a calm and blissful atmosphere. White pearls symbolise purity, beauty and new beginnings while labradorites symbolise protection against negativity and creativity. Combined, the stones help open the subconscious mind of the wearer, filling it with a sense of serenity and releasing e emotional anxiety.


Unravel your inherent femininity and elegance with this bracelet now!


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