Garnet Link Chain

Garnet Link Chain

Those born in January are very lucky to have garnet as their birthstone. Although the red garnet is the most common, garnets come in a variety of colours and are known as one of the most popular gemstones due to their diverse qualities of love, friendship and good health. The stone is also a popular token of love and is traditionally gifted to a romantic partner on anniversaries as a mark of eternal love.


Infused with the qualities of love, passion and devotion our Garnet Link Chain is handmade with 108 mala beads and immense care. Beneficial to those who are often overwhelmed by emotion, the mala is said to foster a deeper connection with one’s roots and energize the inner self. Garnet is also known to activate your creativity and passion and is a powerful stool to help fight your inner demons and maintain a calm demeanour. It is especially beneficial for those who travel often as it is the stone of protection.


According to Indian astrology, wearing garnet jewellery regularly helps release negativity, alleviate depression and serves to assimilate emotional positivity, mental clarity, foster a sense of peace and empower manifestation.


A popular stone that has been a fashion statement since Victorian times, the Garnet is known for its ability to lend the wearer a graceful and poised air. It is believed that the true value of this stone is its ability to attract the coveted trifecta of health, wealth and happiness. It is also worn to soothe an angry heart and limit a person to their boundaries. Fitted within a delicate chain, this mala is perfect for all those who wish to incorporate the garnet’s many qualities in a subtle and graceful manner.


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