Eclipse Necklaces: Black Spinel, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise

Eclipse Necklaces: Black Spinel, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise

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For time immemorial, eclipses were said to be a bad omen. In ancient China, they believed a dragon would devour the sun; thus, people would bang drums and make loud noises to scare away the creature. Whereas in India, Hindu mythology suggested that a demon named Rahu tried to disguise himself during a banquet of the gods and drink the nectar of the Gods to attain immortality, however, he was discovered by Vishnu and beheaded. In South America, they believed the appearance of an eclipse was the tell-tale sign of the anger of the powerful sun God, Inti. They often fasted and offered sacrifices to appease him.


Symbolism of an Eclipse

In recent times, people across the globe believe that an eclipse is a sign that big changes are going to take place and is a time for self-reflection on the decisions we make in life. An eclipse is a harbinger of change to help us evolve into better versions of ourselves. The moon is said to be a symbol of rejuvenation as, during different periods of the month, it undergoes phases. It allows us to look deep within ourselves and discover what is hidden under the surface. It allows you to reflect, motivate and overcome personal obstacles. The sun is a symbol of illumination and purification, it boosts positivity while encouraging us to find clarity in our lives. Together, the sun and moon are an exceptional combination to help us rediscover ourselves while building and growing towards a productive yet fulfilling future. Read on down below about our Eclipse Necklaces spiritual jewellery to find out what each of them symbolises.


Eclipse Necklaces

●      Eclipse Garnet

Ancient Egyptians believed the garnet gemstone was a symbol of life, it was known as the “commitment stone” because it strengthened the bonds of love and friendship. This necklace is a symbol of strength and commitment.


●      Eclipse Turquoise

A necklace of freedom, turquoise has long been said to be a protection stone which inspires good luck and hope. On your path of freedom, this gems jewellery will protect you while boosting your creative side.


●      Eclipse Black Spinel

Have you recently been feeling like you're lacking inspiration? Well, the Eclipse Black Spinel is an excellent choice for you as this gemstone evokes inspiration and empowerment while allowing you to let go of past resentments and sadness. A necklace that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.


●      Eclipse Garnet and Lapis Lazuli

As mentioned earlier, Garnet encourages strength from the user, while Lapis Lazuli is said to encourage wisdom and honesty. The combination of gemstones in this necklace will invoke feelings of intuition and strength, allowing you the courage to communicate what's on your mind.


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