Feeling a Little Blue? Try Turquoise for a Change!

Feeling a Little Blue? Try Turquoise for a Change!

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Jewellery is an expression of one’s personality and individuality. Finding the right accessory is key to representing who you are. With all the different varieties, it sometimes gets hard to choose which style or colour is right for you. So why not choose a piece that tells a story while providing additional benefits? Read on below to know more about Turquoise spiritual jewellery!


The Turquoise stone is a brilliant, vibrant blue-green shade that attracts the eye. This gemstone has been worn over the years by Aztecs, Pharaohs and warriors as it protects the wearer, besides bringing fortune and good luck. Turquoise is known to be the birthstone for all those born in December. People born under Aquarius, Pisces and Sagittarius zodiac signs commonly wear the stone. The word Turquoise comes from a French word, ‘Turkish.


The stone has a calming, grounding property, great for when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed with stress and worries. Using a turquoise mala will help you meditate your way into a peaceful state, allowing you to open your heart, hence, you feel more connected to your being and others. The purification heals your spiritual side as the stone connects you to heaven and earth. Over the years, people have started wearing turquoise gemstone bracelet, malas to ward off evil eyes.


With all the festivities around the corner, it makes perfect sense to give your loved ones something special like a turquoise-encrusted piece. Showcase your concern for them with stunning pieces that will elevate communication, enhance expression and balance emotions as it's connected to the throat chakra. A stone so pure, considered to free you from all your inhibitions!


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