Lunar Phase Cycle: New Moon Meditations

Lunar Phase Cycle: New Moon Meditations

The eternal dance of the moon in the night sky has captured the imagination of man for as long as time itself, waning and waxing against a canvas of stars. From the holy sages of ancient texts to the astronomers of the scientific world, philosophers and scholars alike have ruminated and expounded upon the blessings and curses of the celestial goddess.


All across the world and across history, every culture and its associated religions celebrated their spiritual festivals with the phases of solar and lunar cycles.


The new moon is a time to set intentions for the future. A time for new beginnings and the planting of seeds of thought, the new moon brings with it an atmosphere of creative energy and inspires us to act towards our goals.


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Channeling the Energies of the New Moon


The new moon acts as a metaphysical clean slate. Beginning with the darkness of the moon cycle, the new moon is a period of manifestation, where thoughts translate into physical reality. This is a time of immense energy that must be channeled effectively, and with the right intentions both for yourself, as well as for others.


The new moon is a time of beginnings and refreshing. As the moon waxes towards the full moon, the lunar surface gathers light, building in energy. The waxing phase of the moon is a moving energy that propels those who are mindful of it towards action. This momentum, when tapped into, inspires action and determination in any task.


The new moon is characterised by its creativity. This means that the new moon is a time for experimentation, playfulness and action. Meditation with intent, accompanied by the intrinsic spiritual power of healing crystals, can aid in effectively channeling these potent energies.


Here’s a list of a few crystals and their intrinsic properties that aid in new moon meditations.


  • Citrine: Positivity, creativity, and concentration
  • Tigers Eye: Energy, motivation, and clarity
  • Rose Quartz: Romance, self-love and self-acceptance
  • Moonstone: Strength, inner growth, calmness


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