Unravelling the Mysteries of the Divine feminine: Sita

Unravelling the Mysteries of the Divine feminine: Sita

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The institution of Vedic spirituality celebrates the Goddess Sita as the central female character of the Ramayana epic. Considered an avatar of the Goddess Lakshmi, Sita is the consort of Lord Rama and is the epitome of feminine virtues and married bliss. A symbol of selflessness, courage, dedication and purity, a popular sloka dedicated to the Goddess describes her as so:


“Aatma Vidyaam Trayii Ruupaam Umaa Ruupaam Namaamyaham

Prasaada Abhimukhiim Lakssmiim Kssiira Abdhi Tanayaam Shubhaam”


This, when translated, reads:


“I offer salutations to you, the embodiment of inner beauty as mentioned in the three Vedas, the manifestation of Devi Uma;

You are the auspicious form of Lakshmi, the daughter of the milky ocean, bestowing your grace upon your devotees”


Harnessing the Divine Energies of Sita


At Maha Mala, our goal is not only to provide you with the best of authentic and ethically sourced spiritual jewellery but also to acquaint you with your inner, spiritual self. Read on to learn how meditation and prayer offered to the Goddess Sita can benefit you.


Embodying the traditional ideal of a pure Hindu woman, Sita is the manifestation of the perfect daughter, wife and mother. Depicted as a feminine paragon of virtue, patience, intelligence, modesty, prosperity and growth, Sita is a symbol of nobility, fertility and spousal purity.


Those hoping to inspire an environment of harmony and peaceful bliss in their relationships, and especially in their marriage, should meditate on the form of the Goddess, as well as that of her husband, Lord Rama.


Our 108-bead Sita Japa mala is designed to represent the various facets of the deity’s being through gemstones that denote her divine qualities, allowing the wearer to invoke them within themselves. These include:


  • Clear Quartz for healing, harmony and consciousness
  • Peridot for protection and health.
  • Turquoise for protection and communication.
  • Amethyst for stability, strength and healing.
  • Garnet for personal power, creativity and passion.


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