Ask Anuradhika – The Art of Calming Your Mind

Ask Anuradhika – The Art of Calming Your Mind

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Guest writer Anuradhika Roy is a certified holistic healing practitioner. Professionally trained in the practices of Reiki, Ancestral Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Healing, Dream Interpretation, EFT, Elemental Space Clearing, Past Life Regression, Shamanic Healing, Siddh Kundalini Healing, Soul Coaching®, Soul Collage®, Tarot reading and even competitive Ballroom dancing, Anuradhika’s constant pursuit of self-growth is evident in her long list of qualifications. A long-time supporter of Maha Mala’s mission to bring you closer to your spiritual self through means of healing crystal jewellery, Anuradhika is this month’s guest writer for the Bhakti Blog.


In times of emotional or physical distress, my go-to method of calming my mind is to be mindful and listen to my body. It always comes back to the body and bringing mindful awareness to what is going on: what is coming up for me; what is triggering me; what is getting triggered in me.


Taking a few deep breaths into my heart-space slows things down and creates an energetic space around me, allowing me to drop out of a place of reacting, and into a space of responding. This tiny pause calms my mind and brings me into the moment to identify what’s going on. And then it’s hands-on-heart and calling in Reiki (pure life-force energy/prana) to fill me with the resources I need at that moment.


Patience, acceptance, courage, strength, calm... a simple intentional thought is all that’s needed to bring me back into inner alignment and balance. And should there be a need to release judgement, a few rounds of EFT take care of that!


Try this next time something distressing happens:


Stop and ask your body what it needs. Take three slow, deep breaths. Focus your attention on each in-breath and out-breath. As you continue to breathe deeply and slowly, bring your attention to what you are feeling. Are you scared? Are you irritated or angry? Maybe you’re feeling sad or upset, or guilty or ashamed... Just notice what you are feeling, without any judgement.


Allow yourself now to become aware of your body... can you identify where in your body you are feeling this? Perhaps your stomach is churning, or your chest is feeling heavy. Maybe your throat is feeling tight, or your head is buzzing. Perhaps you feel it in your entire body. Again, just notice it, acknowledge it without judgement.


With this new awareness, take several slow, deep breaths in and out. How do you feel now?


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