Maha Mala Presents: Ask Anuradhika

Maha Mala Presents: Ask Anuradhika

Anuradhika Roy is a certified holistic healing practitioner. Anuradhika’s constant pursuit of self-growth is evident in her long list of qualifications, which include Reiki, Crystal healing and more. A long-time supporter of Maha Mala’s mission to bring you closer to your spiritual self through means of handmade malas and chakra jewellery, we got talking with Anuradhika about her journey to realising her inner being, as she shared advice for others hoping to follow the path.


Tell us about your journey.  Where are you from? What do you do?

I have lived in Chicago for the past 30 years, but I still say I’m from Delhi because that’s where I was born and brought up– and where my heart is. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that the resonances, emotions, significance and meaning of “home” are always present in my heart, so I can honestly say that wherever I am, that’s where I’m from!

I feel fortunate to be following my passion. Intuitively guiding and supporting clients who are in the process of finding themselves, falling in love with themselves, figuring out who they truly are and what their life-purpose is, gives me the greatest joy. There is something very special in facilitating others on their divine journey and witnessing them blossom into their authentic self.

My journey formally started with getting certified in Reiki about twenty-five years ago. Since then, Reiki has opened up the world to me, leading me from one modality to the next. Seriously, my pursuit of personal growth has been so broad, my list of qualifications resembles alphabet soup! From attracting Abundance and working on Ancestral Healing; Bach Flower Remedies to Crystal Healing; Dream Interpretation to EFT and Elemental Space Clearing; Past Life Regression to Shamanic Healing; Siddh Kundalini Healing to Soul Coaching®; Soul Collage® to Tarot reading, and even competitive Ballroom dancing (that one took my understanding of the connection between mind, body, and spirit to a whole new level!), it’s been a fabulous, sometimes challenging, but always fascinating journey. What I love most is being able to draw from this diverse knowledge-base to create a unique, balanced and personalised curriculum for each special person I work with.

Looking back, I’ve been a spiritual seeker my entire life– constantly engaged on one level or another in connecting with that pure spark of divine light of “inner truth” that is within each of us. In trying to find a better version of myself, pushing to grow internally, exploring the meaning of “healing” and “wholeness”, and experiencing profound transformation, I have found my soul-purpose. Of course, being part of a lineage of healers has informed my journey greatly – my mother and grandmother gave me my roots, and my child gives me wings to fly with them.




Tell us about your spiritual and meditative practices.


I love early mornings - the quiet peace before the rest of the house awakens is the best part of my day and the perfect time for my practice.


Daily practice is essential to my well-being, and it starts and ends with gratitude (this is a theme that runs through everything!). As my eyes open, I give thanks for a new day and new opportunities for change. Reiki follows, with self-treatment and prayers and intentions for others, and of course, gratitude to all who have gone before me in the tradition. Then it’s time for a short meditation and chanting, using one of my beautiful Maha Mala gemstone malas. Breath-work brings my ritual to a close, and I end by drawing a guidance card for inspiration from one of my favourite oracle decks. At night before bed, I make sure to reflect on the day and note three things for which I am grateful.


My weekly practice involves cleaning, resetting and rededicating my altar, using crystals, candles, and sacred objects. It’s always fun to see who and what calls to be included!


And of course, my two monthly practices involve New Moon intention setting, and Full Moon gratitude and reflection.


In order to change the world, one must start with the Self. Inner work and healing create a transformative ripple-effect that vibrates out into the family, one’s community, and out into the world. And all of a sudden, with ease and grace, one’s life starts to change...



What do you do to ground yourself in your spiritual practices in these uncertain times?


Gratitude is my secret weapon and my super-power. Remembering to be grateful keeps me focused on the positive. It’s so easy to get caught up in the insidious vibrations of fear, uncertainty, and grief. Now especially, it’s so important to find even small things to be grateful for. Where intention and attention go, energy flows. Whenever I feel myself wavering or doubting, I ask myself what I’m grateful for in that moment.


In practising gratitude on any level– from fresh food to the perfect parking place or even water– you begin to attract more things to be grateful for. As you change your inner vibrations, you create a ripple effect out into the world– we really can be the change we want to see!


Rubbing salt on the soles of my feet, walking barefoot on the grass, sitting in nature, playing in the mud (no, seriously, try it– just dig into the mud, add water, and remember your childhood as you let yourself have fun!) or chopping garden-fresh vegetables are all activities that not only ground me but bring me back into the moment with mindfulness and gratitude.


According to you, what is the importance of mindfulness in today’s world?


Everything today is juldi-juldi-juldi, and as a result, our bodies are in a perpetual state of fight-flight-freeze, instead of being in rest and digest. Our mind is perpetually on, either fretting about the future or getting stuck in the past. Constantly living on the spectrum of stress, we feel compelled to instantly react to everything, instead of pausing and taking the time to reflect and respond.


In reality, all we can control is THIS moment, NOW. If we are present in this moment, if we are mindful of where we are, we can take a deep breath and start responding from a state of calm, instead of reacting from a state of stress. If we are seeking “wellness”, we first need to give our body the space to breathe and relax.


Mindfulness gives us the ability to take a breath and access calm, to be here now, to pause, to be free. In that freedom, time expands, change takes place, and life unfolds with Divine perfection.





What advice would you give to somebody struggling with mental health in the age of the Covid-19 pandemic?


Please reach out, please ask for help. You are not alone– this is something so many of us are struggling with right now. Finding support is crucial. Please find whatever it is that will help you feel supported, whether it’s advice from a psychologist, spending time with loved ones, engaging in an activity that brings you joy or just spending some time in your favourite park or place in nature. Self-care is the biggest gift you can give yourself every day.


What advice would you give to someone just starting out on their spiritual journey?


Find what appeals to you. Don’t follow blindly; instead, question everything. Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Find a daily practise that works for you, even if it’s only 5 minutes. Be patient and compassionate with yourself. Go slow, and be consistent. The process IS the journey– sometimes the path may be challenging, but that only means you are levelling up! The more you can open into each moment with gratitude, the more you’ll see change happening around you.