Luxury Range Inner Light: The collection of Opulence

Luxury Range Inner Light: The collection of Opulence

Luxury Range Inner Light: The collection of Opulence


The Inner Light Collection is characterised by its powerful energy and stunning appearance. Every piece of crystal jewellery enhances the inherent qualities of an individual and promotes both inspiration and positivity. With a range of necklaces, bracelets and elegant earrings, this collection is both luxurious, and meaningful.


The popular pieces from this collection include:


  • The Goddess


This gorgeous mala will help bring emotional stability to your life and give you the tools you need to handle situations with a calm mind. A tool to transform all the negativity in your life into positivity, the piece is designed to help its wearer attain inner peace.  Elegant and soft-coloured, this piece is a powerful addition to your wardrobe and aids in increasing your intuition and perseverance.


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  • Silk Tassel Bracelets


These pocket-friendly bracelets are made with powerful Rudraksha seeds which are associated with Lord Shiva himself. Helpful to those who crave clarity in speech and thought, the piece works wonders in balancing blood pressure. These bracelets come in 10 different colours and are greatly beneficial to general well-being and overall vitality.


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  • Pearl | Tourmaline


This colourful gemstone bracelet will help you to be the best version of yourself you can be and will inspire you to move forward with positivity. Specially designed to bring balance and harmony into your life, this bracelet is made with pearls and vibrant tourmaline.


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  • Ajna Chakra


This gorgeous handmade mala is made with 108 prayer beads that complement each other. Ajna Chakra, also known as the Third Eye Chakra helps to activate your intuition and helps you see the truth for what it is. Marked by shades of blue, white, grey and silver, this powerful piece is a vehicle of self-discovery and self-reflection.


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  • Turquoise | Peridot


This beautiful chakra bracelet is made with two gemstones that help the wearer with both communication and protection. Its refined colours will make you the centre of attention, no matter where you are.


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At Maha Mala, we pride ourselves on providing the very best of authentic, handmade spiritual jewellery. Browse through our catalogue to find a piece that suits both your aesthetic and spiritual needs!