Deliciously Simple: The Collection of Diversity

Deliciously Simple: The Collection of Diversity

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The Deliciously Simple collection is made with 108 mala beads incorporating gems and chakra healing stones. Every piece of jewellery highlights different qualities, from love to forgiveness, health and balance. This collection is suitable for any occasion that calls for vibrancy and elegance, and is, in a phrase, deliciously simple.


Browse through some of our bestsellers from the collection:


  • Addicted To Love


This beautiful handmade mala is perfect for attracting love and fostering forgiveness and compassion. Made with a powerful combination of precious gemstones this mala is a treat for the eyes and the heart.


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  • Am I Blushing?


As pleasing as this mala looks, its strength and protection skills are formidable in their effectiveness. Providing a strong sense of stability to the wearer, the mala helps improve communication skills by activating the throat chakra. The piece is designed to attract both forgiveness and love.


  • Divinely Luscious 


As the name suggests, this vibrant mala is divine. The central strength of this mala is in its power to heal, both physically and mentally. This mala will help you get in the zone when you aren’t feeling like yourself, or when you experience sickness and discomfort. Designed to attract love, communication, protection, forgiveness and balance, this piece is perfect for any occasion.


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  • Mmm Tasty


This unique mala is fitted with a tiger eye stone which attracts wealth, prosperity, luck and willpower. Equipped with the combined force of turquoise and clear quartz, which bring the wearer protection, communication, healing, harmony and consciousness, this mala is truly one of a kind.


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  • Mysteriously Intuitive 


As the name suggests, this beautiful and unique mala exudes mystery. Made with a combination of precious stones, the piece has strong qualities of attracting feminine energy, lending the wearer balance, and controlling errant emotions. The stones of this mala highlight soft colours, lending the piece an air of sophistication. 


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