Maha Mala Presents: Ask Anshu

Maha Mala Presents: Ask Anshu

Dr. Anshu K Goil is a certified yoga practitioner and holistic healer, with a PhD in ancient Indian Philosophy. A life-long learner and devoted teacher, Anshu’s pursuit of knowledge of the self and the spirit have enabled her to explore and master the arts of Feng Shui, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Homeopathy, Teletherapy, Astrology, Energy Healing and more. The author of two novels, Anshu believes that knowledge is meant to be shared and exchanged, passed down from one generation to the next through the ancient Hindu tradition of the Guru and the Shishya. A thought-leader in the ancient practice of healing through spiritual jewellery, we got talking with Anshu as she spoke on the power of mindfulness, and dynamic meditation.


Tell us about your journey. Where are you from? What do you do?


I am originally from Himachal Pradesh, settled in Mumbai, and at the moment, am working from Los Angeles. On my journey of life, I have had the unique opportunity to meet and interact with beautiful souls, with whom I have had countless exchanges of energy. It is hard to encapsulate what I do in a few words. I have been a teacher for the better part of my life, but the things I teach, as well as the things that I learn, change with the passing of time. I began my journey with Yoga, and in a way, Yoga is the art and practice of everything. Yoga allows one to channelize the energies of space, people and things, through the practice of mindfulness, and gratefulness.


What does wellness and spirituality mean to you?


Spiritual health is at the core of everything that we do, and must be tackled before anything else. If a person is spiritually evolved, their personality and physical wellbeing falls into place on its own. A high spiritual quotient lends one a high intelligence quotient. A high I.Q will, in turn, balance your emotional quotient, and a balanced E.Q. will take care of your psychical, and physiological health and well-being.


Tell us about your spiritual and meditative practices.


I am a practitioner of Kriya and Swara Yoga, and my practices go ‘round the clock. The essence of Swara Yoga is the synchronization of your breath flow with the time or space you are in at any given moment. In this way, my spiritual and meditative practices are more a way of life than a daily ritual.


What do you do to ground yourself in your spiritual practices in these uncertain times?


With the Covid-19 pandemic having changed everything over the last two years, I have been practicing my breathing daily, and reflecting on the way my body works in tandem with my mind. Because I cannot meet with my students and mentors face-to-face, I conduct daily sessions over Zoom to preserve a sense of community, and make use of our collective energy to uplift our moods and spirits.


According to you, what is the importance of mindfulness in today’s world?


Here and now, this is mindfulness.


The goal is to live in the present moment. If we are not mindful of ourselves and our surroundings, we are letting every passing moment slip away, without ever really experiencing anything. This is reflected in the lows of depression and body dysmorphia that keep one rooted in the past, and in the tension of anxiety and stress of what may come next. The power of mindfulness is its ability to make one realize that now, at this very moment, we are equipped with the right tools to heal from the wounds of the past, and to secure the future. Why not make use of them, and live the present moment fully?


What advice would you give to somebody struggling with mental health in the age of the Covid-19 pandemic?


Everything that has a beginning, also has an end. All we have control over is how we handle ourselves, and stay intact during this difficult period. We must use all our resources, our will and our determination to uplift our energies when they experience a lull. Receive everything that is offered to you with gratitude, and share whatever you have with kindness and love. If we all began to think like this, we would much sooner overcome the strife and struggle of our times than we realise.


What advice would you give to someone just starting out on their spiritual journey?


The spiritual journey is the path upon which your heart, intellect, and body are integrated, and become one. If you are led by your feet, it is nothing but wandering. If your intellect joins your feet, you will find yourself upon a journey of worldly affairs, where profit and loss rule your thoughts. However, if your heart also joins in with your feet and intellect, you are sure to find that ultimate bliss that we all so desperately crave.



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