Maha Mala Presents: Natural Remedies with Nena

Maha Mala Presents: Natural Remedies with Nena

Nena Stoyonova is a firm believer in the power of traditional and natural remedies. The founder of natural skincare company Bare Origin, Nena has been a long-time supporter of Maha Mala’s mission to bring you closer to your spiritual self through means of birthstone and crystal jewellery. We got talking with Nena about her approach to holistic wellness and her passion for all things natural.


Tell us about your journey.  Where are you from? What do you do?


I am Nena, born in Macedonia, south of Europe and have been living in Sweden for the past 14 years. I run my natural skincare company Bare Origin which was founded out of my passion for nature and natural remedies that have been used traditionally around the world.


Tell us about your spiritual and meditative practices.


I practice Patanjali Ashtanga yoga, which includes the eight limbs of yoga, including moving postures, breath work and meditation. I do my best to try and practice it daily.


According to you, what is the importance of mindfulness in today’s world?


It is everything. When we are mindful and observe our thoughts, we realize that so much of the pressure we put on ourselves is superficial. That we are stuck in a loop of our own, often unkind thoughts and that we have the power to change them. It is empowering to come to that realization and it can bring such ease to many of us!


What advice would you give to somebody struggling with mental health in the age of the Covid-19 pandemic?


Know that everything is temporary and we can choose to live in fear or love. There is a divine intelligence that has each and every one of us in its best interest, even in times when it doesn't seem so. Keep the faith in love and always go back to it. It will give you a deep and steady pace.


What advice would you give to someone just starting out on their spiritual journey?


Be kind to yourself!


Do not use your spiritual practice as another method to prove to yourself that you are unworthy, lazy or any reinforce other negative thought patterns you have about yourself.

Do not use your spirituality as a method of superiority towards others. Stay humble and focus on your own path. Everything else will fall into place.


Be kind, be humble, and act from love.


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