Sacred Spirituality with Samra: On Gemstones, Wellness and Meditation

Sacred Spirituality with Samra: On Gemstones, Wellness and Meditation

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Guest writer Samra Hasanovic is a trained practitioner of the art of yoga, as well as a teacher trainer and the owner of Head and Heart Yoga, a store and yoga school located in England. With a deep connection to her spiritual side, Samra has been a longtime supporter of our mission to enlighten and engage our inner selves, through the means of chakra healing stones. Samra is our Bhakti Blog guestwriter for this week.


As a wife and a mother of three beautiful girls, running a particularly busy household and a fairly new business, being spiritual is very important to me. Although I’m fascinated and always have been interested in different religions, starting from an early age (my grandfather was a Muslim Imam) I believe in the power and value of life in this world. So, my practice is focused on bettering the life I live and helping out others do the same– by discovering their path in the process. This Universe is immense and is here for everyone, regardless of their religion or spiritual practices.


I often wear Japa mala necklaces. I find that at times of stress, holding the beads in my hand calms me down – I don’t necessarily need to be engaged in the meditative practice but just hold them in my hand as a reminder of peace. It often is the case that the stone transmits its energetic value and quality through my skin and into my mind. I have no favourites but tend to go for turquoise, quartz or pearl gemstones.


My practice has been immensely helpful in centring and calming my thoughts in times of distress. While the approach varies, I primarily use breath and pranayama practices, as this is the one ‘object’ that we possess at all times. It’s just a matter of remembering to use it. And this comes down to practice and living yoga and meditation.


At Maha Mala, our goal is to redefine the concept of wellness and mindfulness through the means of the ancient practice of chakra healing and meditation with intent. Browse through our catalogue of gemstone malas made with 108 mala beads crafted in the tradition of ancient Hindu and Vedic devotional practices.