Manifest your love this Valentine's!

Manifest your love this Valentine's!

Using crystal healing stones is a great way to connect with the universe and bring out a new side of yourself that you didn't know existed! But apart from this, were you aware that you could also use these colourful chakra healing stones to manifest swoony love into your love life? Maha Mala has a huge range of spiritual jewellery which not only look mesmerising but also work their charm to help you solve all the problems regarding your love life! What's best is that you don't have to be an expert in love nor in dealing with healing stones.


Manifesting love with chakra healing stones is a remarkable way that will help you in several ways such as bonding with a long-time crush, attracting your sweet first love, strengthening your long time relationship or even boosting your confidence to confess your love! But apart from all this, the most valuable form of love is self-love. Our crystal jewellery is designed in a way that will help you open all the chambers of love- that is from self-love to love for others. This Valentine's Day, greet cupid into your life with our powerful crystal stones!


Begin your path to a sweet romance with these pieces:


  • Indra Bracelet


Handcrafted with an assortment of a few of the most powerful gemstones, this bracelet is a powerful mystical weapon that consists of plenty of qualities such as wealth, luck, courage, joy, confidence and manifestation. This gemstone bracelet is a must-have for those who plan to confess their love as it provides courage and confidence to the wearer. It's also the perfect tool to manifest all the love surrounding you.


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  • Rose Quartz


There is nothing better than Rose Quartz when it comes to love! This crystal is perfect for those who wish to experience a romantic time with their loved ones or wish to love themselves before anyone else. Whether you wish to heal your broken heart or keep it open for someone new, Rose Quartz is an excellent choice!


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