New Releases: Simplicity Malas

New Releases: Simplicity Malas

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Simplicity is something we all crave in life, whether it is in the work we do or our personal lives. The familiarity and simple nature of using malas to recite your mantras is a comfort we all long for. They are best used during prayers, meditation and yoga as it calms your breathing and helps you focus profoundly on the meaning of the chant. 

Maha Mela has some new and exciting prayer beads in store for you! Find yourself a mala that compliments your style and day-to-day goals by reading the list of new releases below. 


Tulsi Mala

The Tulsi plant is considered one of the most sacred plants in Indian worship. It is known for its spiritual and healing powers. This mala is an excellent choice to restore harmony in the body.


Ebony Wood Mala

The rich and deep texture of ebony wood reminds us to seek clarity in our lives. The Ebony Wood Mala allows you to remain clear-headed and focused in order to make the right decisions and keep negative energies away.


Sheesham Rosewood Mala

Rosewood symbolically is a soul, refreshing wood with exceptional healing properties. As it is associated with the heart chakra, it enhances feelings of compassion and love while attracting immense prosperity in one’s life. Grab your mala while you can!


Sheesham Wood Mala 

Sheesham Wood is known to bring good fortune and peace to the household. It is said to be a source of inspiration to quite a few people and even help you achieve significant goals. Using the Sheesham Wood Mala will allow you to focus on your manifestations and make it a reality in your life.


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