New Releases: Mini Aksh Malas

New Releases: Mini Aksh Malas

A mala is a string of 108 mala beads used in many religions across the globe while reciting a prayer or mantra. It helps to ground the person using it so that they can focus on their words and the meaning behind them. The Rudraksha Mala is known to have many benefits for the user such as bringing calmness to the body and mind and making you alert and energetic. To learn more about the history, importance, and uses of malas, you can check out our article on Aksh Mala.


As the years have passed by, we have noticed an increased demand for gemstone malas and hence have new releases on our website: Mini Aksh Malas. Read on down below to know more about what we have to offer and find yourself a match!


Akash Mini Garnet 

The garnet stone has innumerable benefits on the body as it balances the root chakra that is important to open up the rest of your chakras. The Garnet beads on this mala will help stabilize your body, enhancing your sense of security and reducing your fears or worries in your life. Whether or not you find yourself or a companion struggling with anxiety or sleeping issues, it would be an excellent purchase.


Mini Turquoise 

The Mini Turquoise mala aids in keeping negative or evil energy away from you. Turquoise stones open up all your chakras for a better flow of emotions and communication. In ancient times, this stone was of the opinion to protect your energy and bring good fortune and hope into your life.


Mini Lapis Lazuli

Are you looking for something that will calm your nervousness and help you sleep better at night? Then the Mini Lapis Lazuli mala is a good choice for you! Lapis Lazuli stones stimulate strength and courage and are an excellent option for young children to help ease any feelings of fear.


Check our website Maha Mala to purchase and find out more about the different wholesale rudraksha mala pieces we have!