New Collection: Infinity Necklaces

New Collection: Infinity Necklaces

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Over the centuries, spiritual jewellery has become a vital part of our beings. Whether its a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or ring, it showcases your personality and is used to elevate one’s looks in different ways. Today, we’ll be covering Infinity Necklaces and why you should own one! 

The infinity symbol has been used to signify an everlasting, timeless bond between individuals. It is often seen in jewellery, tattoos and even art forms. It showcases dedication and commitment for time immemorial. In recent years, it's common practice for people to give one another infinity necklaces and rings as an expression of their undying love for each other. An infinity necklace implies no beginning or end, just a flow of hope, compassion and communication. Whether it is protection you seek or purification of the body and mind, we have a necklace for each kind. 

Listed down below are the perfect stone jewellery necklace pieces we offer on our website, the ultimate gift to oneself or loved and dear ones.


Protection Necklaces

Are you wondering what to gift your dear sister for the upcoming festivities?

Our protection necklace would be the right choice. Amethyst stones are commonly known as the ‘all-purpose stones’, it protects and improves overall health. While turquoise stones are said to open all your chakra points allowing for the flow of communication and well-being. Together, these stones provide immense healing and protection, something to keep her safe when you’re not around!


Clairvoyance Necklaces

In times of trouble, one needs a medium to ground themselves. This necklace which is a combination of Moonstone and Turquoise stones does precisely that. It will enhance positivity and spiritual growth while boosting immunity toward negative influences and auras. Protect yourself by balancing your inner peace.


Communication Necklaces

A stunning mix of Lapis Lazuli and Arizona Blue Turquoise gemstones, these inspire feelings of courage, strength and healing. With this piece of jewellery, you’ll have the courage to speak what’s on your mind without the fear of harm. You’ll possess the wisdom and truth to communicate freely and openly.


Purity Necklaces

Made with classic purple African Amethysts, this necklace attracts considerable luck to the wearer. It encapsulates love and energy in the purest and most tender forms while protecting against all harm, physical and mental. It also helps improve skin and digestive issues.


You can find out more about the wholesale gemstone jewellery we offer here!

Or you can visit and choose from our catalogue on our website Maha Mala, where we offer a wide variety of options.