a peak, especially our passion for our work and personal life. The name, July, comes from none other than Julius Caesar as it was the month he was born in. Rose Quartz is the birthstone for July, derived from the Greek word ‘hyalos’, meaning glass.


Legend suggests that the once white quartz was stained by Aphrodite’s blood when she cut herself on a thorny bush in a rush to save her love, Adonis, from Are’s war. It's believed to have healing properties and gives rise to feelings of love and compassion. Due to its soft pale pink colour, many women are donning rose quartz necklaces or other gemstones jewellery.


Calling out all the Cancers as it is a month of celebration for these strong-willed yet sensitive, instinct-driven individuals. Cancers and rose quartz gemstones make a perfect pair, the prior often hide their devotion and emotional tendencies towards loved ones in fear of it not being reciprocated but paired with this gemstone, it will help you open your heart in ways you possibly couldn’t imagine. Find yourself a lifelong connection in either.


Cancer - Rose Quartz

The soft yet gorgeous colour of the rose quartz stone draws many eyes toward it as it inspires feelings of compassion and tenderness in the wearer and watcher.

For cancers that often hide their emotions behind a wall and appear cold, the stone might ignite their existing feelings of love and devotion as it is said to be connected to the heart and throat chakra. This stone brings healing, care and harmony into your life.


Rose Quartz gemstones should be worn by those struggling with love and compassion or those who face anger issues. The wearer receives better communication and understanding abilities.


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