The Sacred Geometry and Symbolism of Chakra Yantras

The Sacred Geometry and Symbolism of Chakra Yantras

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Ancient geometry ascribed sacred meanings to certain figures like squares, rectangles, triangles, etc. It is believed in esoteric science and art that the world can be translated in a mathematical way. These figures were, in fact, a coded language used to communicate a state of consciousness. Sacred geometry is essentially a series of geometrical patterns employed to diagrammatically worship deities. Fractals, symmetric figures, recurring patterns - sacred geometry was believed to be the ‘Architecture of the Universe’, and that is what forms the core of a human being. Literally put, it is found in our DNA. 


Sacred geometry is a phenomenon that revolves around building the absolute focus of the mind and attaining super consciousness. It aims at unleashing the brain’s potential to tap into a realm, a dimension of divine-human consciousness, that is extremely precise. With the penetrative use of geometry, one can hit into a depth of consciousness that serves as an opening to the infinite. 


A Yantra is more of a mathematically constructed pattern that conjures the presence of a deity. A deity is at the centre of the geometric pattern and obeisance is paid to that specific deity. When a practitioner continues to focus on a yantra, they practice introversion. Meditating with the Sri Yantra, or chanting mantras on hindu prayer beads eventually leads one to the Almighty - the state of highest consciousness. Yantra represents the interlocking of masculine and feminine divine energy and is created according to specific procedures mentioned in the Vedas. 


The chakra and yantra are barely dissimilar. For both, the geometric patterns are built around a point. A point of stillness, a point that ends all search, is called the Bindu chakra. They are characterised by a border, a protective circle, which is considered to be a gate for the deities to enter. Focusing on this periphery, one is eventually brought inwards, towards the spirit, into the ethereal parts of consciousness. 


Unlike yantras, the chakra system is more of a universal phenomenon where the gods are fixed, and there is no special emphasis on certain, specific deities. This feature makes it more popular. Rather than overlapping patterns, chakras are characterised by a series of linear geometric structures. The three main types of chakras are plain, pyramidal and spherical. It is typically formed by 9 intertwined triangles that diverge from the centre.


The ultimate goal of a practitioner of the yantras and chakras is to get to the highest point- the Bindu.


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