June Birthstone

June Birthstone

Derived from ‘Juno’, the Roman goddess of youth, a symbol of love, femininity and fertility, June is the month of the first summer solstice, and has the zest for a new beginning! It brings with it an abundance of positivity, nourishment, joy and energy that integrates towards compassion and unity. June babies, Geminis have an undying passion for exploration, and have a constant need to quench their thirst for variety and newness! The inseparable twins; the strength of Geminis lies in their versatility. Belonging to the element of Air, they are known for their fascination with nature! 


Originating from the ocean and believed to have calming properties, pearls make the perfect birthstone for the uninhibitedly curious Geminis! The Egyptians weren’t wrong to build traditions around burying their loved ones with pearls, as a way of revering these precious gemstones. 

Pearls have a luminous lustre that is associated with humility, innocence and purity. The iridescent shades of blue and pink, enhanced by a glassy appearance were once believed to be tears of mermaids and signified divine feminine power, passion and a woman’s fierce ability to influence the world around her.


Gemini - Pearl


Pearls have a reputation for being immensely desirable gems of yore. Even today, they have continued to be a dateless statement of sophistication of the wearer. 


Pearls bring harmony and balance to the indecisive and impulsive zodiac sign.

Besides radiating elegance and perfectly complementing the Gemini zodiac, these innocuous gems with nurturing properties have numerous qualities, some of which are listed below: 

  • Pearls are known to heighten imagination, creativity and intellectual curiosity.
  • They are comforting and help soothe frayed nerves. They channel energy from the moon and have a tranquillising effect on weary insomniacs. 
  • An antidote to depression, indecisiveness, anxiety and stress, its calming effects have made it a go-to gem for counsellors and psychologists.
  • Pearls are also beneficial in maintaining a strong heart, regulating healthy blood pressure and stimulating cellular growth.
  • These gems have a sophisticated repute and are considered to come from royalty and luxury. Hence, they are believed to bring the wearer good luck, success and wealth.


Donning pearls as your birthstone pendants , thus, not only has a visceral impact on you spiritually, but also enhances your physical as well as emotional well being. 


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