Aksh Mala

Aksh Mala

A string of beads believed to be preciously formed by the tears of lord shiva, the Aksh mala is a divine gift from Lord Shiva. It is worn by His devotees to bring forth His blessings, and lead an enlightening, purposeful life. It is believed that the wearer is taken under the protection of Lord Shiva. The rudraksha beads find their references in multiple Sanskrit texts and are known to have an exceptionally significant impact on the body’s spiritual and mental state. 

 The rudraksha mala is not restricted to Hindu mythology, nor is it bound by religion or caste. The mala is for anyone who desires to strengthen their spirituality and deepen their earthly connection with the divine power. 

 The Rudraksha mala also has its uses spread throughout science and Ayurveda. The beads have a peculiar electromagnetic characteristic.  This electromagnetic behaviour stimulates certain brain chemicals and directly impacts the wearer’s dopamine and serotonin levels. 

The Aksh mala has endless benefits, a few of which are listed below. 


  1. These beads are the most precious of the ancient Indian gems and are mainly acquired to safeguard positive energies. 
  2. It has chakra healing properties and soothes the body of illnesses. 
  3. It minimises stress and relaxes the mind, which in turn invigorates memory and aids in decision making. 
  4. The dynamic polarity of the rudraksha regulates steady blood flow, controls the heartbeat and has an anti-ageing effect. 
  5. The Rudraksha sends certain calculated signals to the brain that shape the wearer’s personality. Qualities like patience, intelligence, and confidence can be enhanced by varying the Rudraksha Mukhis as per need. 
  6. Japa malas alleviate crippling afflictions, mitigate the past reactions of karmas and heal the inauspiciousness of malefic planets. 


How does the Rudraksha work?

The benefits of the rudraksha vary according to the Mukhi or face of the beads. The different Mukhis, numbered from 1 to 21, have different ruling deities and work towards specific motives. The extremely auspicious and rare One Mukhi Rudraksha, for example, is ruled by Shiva himself and helps enhance concentration, build confidence and rid one of addictions.  

The 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered to be the most powerful of all! Ruled by the mighty Lord Hanuman, and the prominent planets Mars and Saturn, this mala shields the wearer from ominous events. 


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