3 Crystals to cultivate positive energy this monsoon

3 Crystals to cultivate positive energy this monsoon

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Crystal healing has come to be an ally to modern science and medicine. A pseudoscientific way of cleansing, influencing and enriching energies, crystal healing has been practised since time immemorial and has its benefits passed down to generations. Other than their healing properties, crystals are used to induce positivity and happiness in homes and to deflect or absorb negative energies. Thus, it becomes immensely imperative to make sure you cleanse your crystal in order to maximise its potential. 

You can do so in the following ways: 

  1. Use rain to cleanse the crystal or bury it in sea salt water overnight. This allows the salt to absorb the impurities within the crystal. Alternatively, smudging it with smoke from sage is an easy way to release suppressed vibrations, and gets your crystal back to its purifying best. 
  2. Bury it in the ground for a day or two, to let the crystal reclaim the healing powers of the earth. 
  3. One can also use a cleansing crystal. 


Monsoons symbolise cleansing, rejuvenation, change and new life. This monsoon we list down the must-have chakra healing stones that will bring your home lush prolificacy, nourishment, prosperity and a renewed love for life!

  1. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a gorgeous, pink gem known to have extremely powerful vibrations. Also known as the ‘love stone’, having this crystal around engulfs you and your home with warmth and fondness. Although these gems originally hail from South Africa and Brazil, there is an abundance of these healing crystals India has to offer. 

  1. Citrine

The yellow burst of these delightful crystals is sure to add a pop of colour and a refreshing perspective to your life. Channelling all the glory of the sunshine, on the especially gloomy rainy days, citrine energises and revitalises the body and soul. 

  1. Amethyst 

Hail the 'all-purpose stone'! The purple member of the quartz family, amethyst, is widely popular in bedrooms and other relaxing spaces, as the stone’s calming properties soothe dreams and bring peace. Amethyst dissolves negative vibrations. It also enables the owner to tap into their spiritual awareness. 


In addition to being highly beneficial, both spiritually and emotionally, these gemstones are a sight for sore eyes. Possession of these stones is, no doubt, favourable, however, having them in close contact with the skin enables these stones to work to the best of their abilities! 


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