Mother’s Day is a holiday honouring motherhood all over the world and is celebrated in over 100 countries. This mother’s day, celebrate motherhood with Maha Mala’s collection of devotional jewellery!


The History of Mother’s Day


A mother’s relationship with her children is arguably the purest form of love. A mother is a pillar of strength, a friend, a mentor and a saviour. The modern mother doubles as a  superhero, managing the affairs of her home, her career, her family, and most importantly, her children.


Celebrations of Mother’s Day can be traced back to Ancient Greeks and Romans, who held a festival to honour Goddesses Rhea and Cybele. Mother’s Day also has roots in the early Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday”, which falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent.


The Mothering Sunday tradition shifted over time into a more secular holiday where children gave gifts to their mothers to honour their presence and influence in their lives.


In the present day, Mother’s Day is a celebration for mothers of all kinds, from expectant mothers to mothers and even grandmothers. The symbolism of the Mother is that of the Goddesses or Mother Nature, and she too is commemorated on this day.


Gifts for Mother’s Day

Here are some gifting ideas for the lucky lady in your life:


  • Roses are a sign of love between two people Rose Quartz represents unconditional love. It is a souvenir to hold onto for generations to come.


  • A calm and serene relationship between a mother and her child is the utmost sign of peace. Gift your mother a Chrysocolla to promote calmness, love, acceptance and tolerance.


  • Green is associated with the heart chakra. Emerald increases the patience and balance in your Mother’s life and increases the ocean of love in her heart.


  • Your mother requires strength in dealing with her day to day relations. The red Garnet strengthens the passion and devotion between family members.
  • Gemstones and Hindu beads like Lapis Lazuli, Peridot and Tourmaline create a harmonious and an understanding relationship between you and your Mother.


Mothers are special, acting as catalysts for their children to connect with the universe from the moment they are born. Symbols of dedication, love, affection, kindness and support, there’s no one quite like a mother.


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