The Tool to Make Your Mind Sharper: Meditation

The Tool to Make Your Mind Sharper: Meditation

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In the modern world, the stress of tackling day-to-day issues can compound, negatively affecting our emotional responsiveness and health. This is because we do not give our minds and bodies enough time to properly process the hundreds of things we do in a day, instead jumping from one task to the next. In the long run, this can take quite a toll on the body, leading to burnout and other unhealthy habits. 

An active way to tackle this situation is through meditation with the help of gems jewellery to bring harmony into your life. The earliest records of Meditation can be traced back to 1500 BCE, however, it has recently had a resurgence in popularity. The benefits the practice provides for your soul, body and mind is now a well-documented field of research. From improving your memory and recentering your focus on the task at hand, to reducing stress and easing anxiety, meditation is a powerful tool to add to your arsenal. 

 Benefits of Meditation 

Meditation is about increasing your awareness and attentiveness, keeping your body centred, and promoting inner peace. To get the best results from this practice, actively incorporate it into your life for 20 mins or longer. 

 Here are some advantages of meditation: 

  • Learn to be present in the present moment to help ease stress and boost your overall mood

  • Increase in serotonin levels, boosting creativity and productivity

  • Lowering blood pressure and inflammation in the body enhances the immune system for a longer, healthier life 

  • Reducing depression and anxiety for improved sleep quality

  • Strengthening relationships through better communication, and a greater understanding of different perspectives. 

 Meditation can be practised in a handful of ways such as yoga, guided meditation, mindfulness meditation or mantra meditation. All of these techniques focus on improving concentration while grounding you so that you are more self-aware. Calm your mind with each inhale and exhale of your breath, letting your thoughts and emotions flow without ceasing any judgement with the help of gemstone malas

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