The Vedanta Collection

The Vedanta Collection

The Vedanta collection is a fusion of traditional wood and seeds with a touch of modernity. This collection is inspired by Indian culture and enhances the qualities required to lead a peaceful and happy life. Every piece in this collection instils feelings of protection and promotes willpower, clarity of speech and self-reflection.


The collection features:


  • Jagruti Manka


This mala is perfect for those looking to promote health, wealth and prosperity. A protective force, the mala helps the wearer by guiding them and helping them find a clear path. It is made of a combination of Turquoise, Tiger eye and Rudraksha beads which makes it powerful and effective in all aspects.


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  • Aishwarya Manka


This handmade mala is made with a unique combination of Turquoise and Vaijannti seed. The turquoise brings protection and communication to the wearer while the Vaijannti seed is known as the seed of victory through truth, and is said to be worn by Vishnu and Krishna devotees.


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  • Arihanta Manka


The Arihant Manka is made with Hindu prayer beads and helps the wearer find wisdom and achieve a liberated soul. Useful in relieving tension, giving clarity to the voice and easing anxiety, this mala is a powerful accoutrement, perfect for anyone looking to explore their inner self.


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  • Dampatya Manka


The word ‘Dampatya’ means the union of two. Signifying a union of two souls, the mala is fitted with two Lapis Lazuli pendants attached on both ends and helps the wearer stay healthy and true to themselves.


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  • Sakama Manka

This gemstone necklace is all about love, compassion and kindness. Fitted with a powerful combination of chakra beads, this mala is helpful in emotional healing and fosters kindness and gentleness. This mala also aids on the path of self-love and confidence. With colours that complement each other, this piece lends a poised air to its wearer.


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