This New Year, Be True to You

This New Year, Be True to You

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With the new year underway, put your affirmations into action with Maha Mala.


Our Be True Be You collection features a collection of gemstone bracelets, handmade with a combination of powerful healing stones intended to bring out the very best of your personality.


The collection includes:


Tiger Eye | Citrine


If your affirmation for the year is “I will be the best version of myself”, this bracelet is the perfect choice for you. The tiger eye stone releases all your fear and anxiety and attracts all the luck around you. Combined with citrine, which brings clarity into your life, this piece is the perfect combination for those who wish to be the best possible version of themselves and inspire others to do the same.


Attract the happiness you deserve today.


Labradorite | Black Spinel


If you feel that your love life is lacking, your affirmation for the year probably sounds like this: “I am open to both giving and receiving love.” Handmade with a powerful combination of mala beads, our Labradorite and Black Spinel bracelet is designed to bring out the passion and love in your life, encouraging you to give yourself a second chance.


Rediscover yourself and attract the love you deserve.


Citrine | Carnelian


Is your affirmation for the year “I will not hesitate to try new things and will get out of comfort zone”? If so, there is nothing better than our Citrine | Carnelian bracelet to open you up to a world of new and exciting possibilities. As the stones harmonize perfectly with each other, this combination encourages you to open up and show a different side of yourself. Carnelian attracts courage and brings out your wild side, while citrine gives you the clarity you need to achieve your goals, and brings out your inner creativity.


Get yourself this catalyst for transformation creativity here!


Still haven’t found a piece that suits your needs? Maha Mala, your go-to store for purchasing spiritual jewellery and healing crystal jewellery has got you covered. Browse through the rest of the collection here and find something that fits you the best.