Unravelling the Mysteries of the Divine: Krishna

Unravelling the Mysteries of the Divine: Krishna

Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, has been revered as one of the most influential deities of ancient Vedic belief. A benevolent force, Lord Krishna differs from the other deities of the Hindu pantheon for his intrinsically human, childlike personality. Often depicted playing the flute, the deity is characterised by his blue-tinted skin. The lord of Bhakti, or true selfless spiritual devotion, Lord Krishna’s relationship with his consort Radha is symbolic of the balance and interplay of the universe as a whole. A popular sloka dedicated to Lord Krishna describes him as so:


“Athasee pushpa sangasam Hara noopura Shobitham

Rathna kankan a keyuram Krishnam Vande Jagat Gurum”


This, when translated, reads:

“I pay salutations to the Lord of the Universe, who decorates himself with the flowers of Athasee.

He is radiant with resplendent garlands and anklets. His right hands wear bangles mottled with gems and jewels.”


Harnessing the Divine Energies of Lord Krishna


At Maha Mala, our goal is not only to provide you with the best of authentic and ethically sourced spiritual jewellery but also to acquaint you with your inner, spiritual self. Read on to learn how meditation and prayer offered to Lord Krishna can benefit you.


A symbol of happiness and natural existence, Lord Krishna is the embodiment of purity as well as divine love and joy. The physical incarnation of bliss, Lord Krishna represents the triumph of love over ego in the spirit of man.


Those looking to inspire feelings of compassion, kindness and tenderness in themselves, as well as in their lives, as well as those seeking protection from unknown forces, are encouraged to meditate upon the form of Lord Krishna, who is known as the protector of all things good.


Our 108-bead Krishna Japa mala is designed to represent the various facets of the deity’s being through gemstones that denote his divine qualities, allowing the wearer to invoke them within themselves. These include:


  • Turquoise for protection and communication
  • Lapis Lazuli for truth and self-reflection
  • Azurite Chrysocolla for creativity and transformation
  • Garnet for personal power, creativity and passion
  • Rudraksha for the calming of the spirit, and giving clarity to the voice


Browse through our catalogue of gemstone earrings, birthstone jewellery, and other healing crystals from India that are positioned towards awakening your spiritual self, and connecting you with the divine influence.