Unravelling the Mysteries of the Divine: Ganesha

Unravelling the Mysteries of the Divine: Ganesha

Read on to learn how meditation and prayer offered to Lord Ganesha can benefit you.

The discipline of Vedic astrology upholds the Hindu god, Lord Ganesha as its primary deity. One of the most easily identifiable figures in the Hindu pantheon, Ganesha is depicted in the form of a child, with the head of an elephant. The remover of obstacles and the lord of beginnings and success, a popular sloka dedicated to Ganesha describes his form as so:


“Vakra Tunda Mahakaaya Koti Surya Samaprababha

Nirvignam Kurume Deva Sarva Kaaryeshu Sarvataa”


This, when translated, reads:


“Salutations to Sri Ganesha, the Lord with a curved trunk, and a large body, whose splendour is that of a million suns;

O Deva, please free my deeds of any obstacles, and extend to me your blessings so my work may be fulfilled.”


Harnessing the Divine Energies of Ganesha


At Maha Mala, our goal is not only to provide you with the best of authentic and ethically sourced spiritual jewellery but also to acquaint you with your inner, spiritual self. Read on to learn how meditation and prayer offered to Lord Ganesha can benefit you.


The ruler of the panch bhootas or five elements, Ganesha’s control over all physical and metaphysical life is absolute. The destroyer of vanity, selfishness and pride, Ganesha symbolises wisdom, understanding, and intelligence required to uplift one’s life, and achieve prosperity.


Those looking to foster internal peace, patience and knowledge, as well as those setting out on a new venture should meditate upon Ganesha, who grants those who think of him with good fortune and guides them to prosperity.


Our 108-bead Ganesha Japa mala is designed to represent the various facets of the deity’s being through gemstones that denote his divine qualities, allowing the wearer to invoke them within themselves. These include:


  • Clear Quartz for healing, harmony and consciousness.
  • Amethyst for stability, strength and healing.
  • Labradorite for intuition and perseverance.
  • Rose Quartz for love, forgiveness and balance.
  • White Moonstone for relieving anxiety and enhancing intuition.


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